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HBS Copper is where traditional methods meet expertise and design innovation to deliver a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted American-made product. You can use our stills to create pure, high-quality spirits such as moonshine, whiskey, gin and more. Often the predicament most distillers find themselves in is choosing between a copper pot still and a stainless steel still. At HBS Copper, we are proud to proclaim that copper is the better choice, and we stand firmly behind that choice for a variety of reasons. Explore our FAQ below!

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Why Should I Buy a Custom Copper Still?

The benefits of copper materials in the distilling process are numerous. Outside of getting a custom still made precisely to your specs, going the copper route has the following payoffs:

  • Copper Stills Provide Even Heat Distribution - Copper is an excellent heat conductor, and as such, it evenly distributes heat well across the entire surface of the still. This creates a more even and thorough distillation of your spirit and allows you to have more precise control of the temperature. Having accurate temperature control prevents you from burning your mash.
  • Copper Stills Help Remove Sulfur from Your Run - The fermentation process can leave behind sulfur compounds in your batch that produce an unpleasant smell and flavor. However, the properties of copper can react with sulfur on a molecular level to eliminate that awful aroma and taste. The chemical reaction that occurs between copper and sulfur “cancels out” the taste of sulfur that can linger after fermentation. This leaves your batch with more of the rich, robust flavor you crave and less contamination from other chemicals.
  • Copper Has Antimicrobial Properties - Speaking of contamination, copper can prevent many other unwanted chemicals from infiltrating your batch due to its antimicrobial properties. It can even prevent harmful chemicals from contaminating it. There’s a reason old hospitals used to have copper doorknobs, and that was to prevent the spread of germs by using copper as a deterrent.
  • Copper Stills are Resilient - Last but not least, copper is highly resilient and adaptable, which makes it easier to mold and cut into the shape you need for your distillation process. Copper is also resistant to corrosion under extreme temperatures and in various humidity fluctuations. This makes copper pot stills durable and easily adaptable to your needs. However, as always, remember to properly clean and store your copper still. It is important to thoroughly clean your copper still before and after the distillation process in order to avoid salt buildup. Your copper still should also be stored in a cool and dry place for proper care.

As you can see, at HBS Copper, we combine expertise with dedication to deliver you a high-quality handcrafted American-made product you can proudly boast about in your distillery. Our commitment to quality and unwavering dedication makes us one of the leading copper still manufacturers. Here you can find large copper stills for sale, copper moonshine stills, commercial fermenters and anything else you might need for your copper pot distillery. Browse through our website to find outstanding and unique copper pot stills for sale. If you are looking for something more particular or aren’t sure which design is right, feel free to reach out to us for more guidance. Our friendly team of connoisseurs is happy to help with any questions you might have.

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