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Custom Artisan Copper Still Designs

Every distillery has its own unique method or twist that it adds to make its spirits unique. From the ingredients to the fermentation period to the steps in the distillation method, we understand you have patiently crafted a unique process that distinguishes your product from everyone else’s. So why settle for using the same equipment that everyone else uses? Opt for using distillation equipment that is as unique as your method and your product. At HBS Copper, we blend traditional methods, expertise and innovative designs to create the perfect distillation equipment suited for your distillery.

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What Are Some Custom Copper Still Designs?

Below are some of the designs we use and a brief guide on which designs are suited for which products:

Custom Pot Stills

Pot stills are the traditional design for distillation equipment and are usually made of pure copper. They are typically made for smaller distilleries, as they can only distill one batch at a time. This large pot heats from the bottom, boils the alcohol - which boils at a lower temperature than water - and separates the vapors to create a concentration of alcohol after the fermentation process. Spirits distilled in copper pots often yield a lower-purity liquor, but they create a more flavorful spirit. The copper in pot stills counteracts the sulfur produced in the fermentation process to create a rich and robust flavor with a pleasant and enticing aroma. A pot still traditionally is used to produce Whiskey, Rum and Brandy.

Plated Column

A plated column Can be added to any traditional pot still and is used to obtain a much higher proof of alcohol. If you want to make a vodka then you will need a plated column to achieve the high proof necessary for this.

Custom Hybrid Stills

Most distilleries today use a hybrid-design still, which combines the benefits of a pot still with the convenience of a column still.

Here at HBS Copper, we offer some of the most innovative artisan still designs you will find. We take pride in every single one of our custom ethanol stills and work closely with each of our clients to create the custom still design that best fits its needs. If you’re in the market for a new pot still for sale, look no further - we have the best distillery tanks, artisan stills, fermenters and so much more. Whether you need a small tank or equipment for a large batch, we have 50-, 100- and even 500- 1000 gallon stills for sale. Browse through our gallery of custom stills, and consult with our team to design your equipment. You will shortly see why we are the best custom still manufacturer for your business.

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