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Custom & Commercial Moonshine Stills

  • HBS Copper provides complete Distillation Equipment for the serious commercial distillery. We have produced may award wining craft distillery equipment across the USA and Europe.
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Benefits of Copper Stills for Distilling Process

When distilling alcohol, you can use various heating sources, steam is one of the more efficient ways to do this for the distilling process. Copper conducts the heat very well. Copper will heat up faster and hold the heat better than Stainless. With that said Stainless Steel is also a good material for your kettle. It is very durable and very easy to clean.

Custom moonshine stills can be modified to produced larger amounts of moonshine and to accommodate your preferred heating method of your moonshine still. Copper moonshine stills are the best of the best. Copper is a strong thermal conductor, four times greater than that of a stainless steel moonshine still, and it is made to withstand hot temperatures without compromising on the quality of the copper. Plus, an added bonus to using copper stills is a stronger and fresher flavor.

HBS Copper Moonshine Stills

HBS has various moonshine pot stills for sale. Many of HBS artisan moonshine stills are made to order and designed for beginners to help you easily start crafting your very own spirits and more. We can produce from 30 gallon electric heated still to 1000 gallon Steam heated still for commercial use that can be easily customized for your brewing needs. Unsure of what equipment is right for you? Peek at some of our most recent builds here and feel free to get in touch with us on help designing a custom still that’s right for you.

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