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Custom Copper Commercial Rum Stills

Rum stems from the use of sugarcane. With HBS commercial rum stills, you can create a pure and concentrated spirit that everyone will love. Our all copper rum stills conduct heat exceptionally well and allow you to easily monitor and adjust the temperature during the rum manufacturing process. With a high-quality artisan rum still from HBS, you can maximize on the quality of your distilled spirit. We can size this for you from 50 gallon up to 1000 Gallon.

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Rum Distillation Raw Materials

Rum is predominantly produced using unsulfured molasses created from the refining of the sugarcane plant. Sulfured molasses has been treated with sulfur dioxide, which acts as a preservative and leaves a chemical flavor. However, you can use raw cane sugar or sugarcane juice if you don’t happen to have molasses.

Creating your rum wash is a crucial step to crafting rum. Rum wash consists of water, raw cane sugar, molasses and yeast. Combine raw cane sugar and molasses in boiling water until molasses is fully dissolved. Once both are fully dissolved, you’ll pour in cold water to cool the wash down and monitor internal temperature until 80 degrees F and then add yeast to the mixture, mix and transfer to a fermentation bucket, and seal with an air-lock and store in a dark and cool place.

Rum Distillation Manufacturing Process

Once your rum wash is settled, you’ll have to remove its impurities through the distillation process. This will create a pure and more concentrated spirit. The distillation process will remove all undesirable types of alcohol, such as acetaldehyde, acetone and methanol. You’ll add the rum wash to your still and heat your wash. You’ll run the rum wash through two separate distillations where you’ll be able to monitor the collecting distillate. Collecting your rum distillate is the final step. With trial and error, you can create the perfect handcrafted rum.

Rum Stills at HBS

At HBS, we pride ourselves on providing novice and serious distillers with rum stills they can rely on. As a rum still manufacturer, we offer all copper rum stills that are made to order and include everything you need to get started. If you need a larger rum still for commercial use or don’t see a rum still that fits your needs, reach out to us. Let us create a custom rum still that fits your brewing needs today.

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