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Custom, Artisan, Commercial Vodka Stills

You can find the perfect vodka still for sale at HBS, designed for the serious distiller. Our selection of vodka distilleries for sale include options that provide you with the necessary supplies to start the distillation process. We make sure each still is tested and fitted to ensure safety.

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Vodka Stills at HBS

Making handcrafted vodka is easy with high-quality commercial vodka stills from HBS. As a vodka still manufacturer, we aim to provide you with safe and reliable vodka stills that will last. Our artisan vodka still kits are made to order. If you can’t find a vodka still that you like, you can even create a custom vodka still today by reaching out to our team of expert distillers.

Vodka Distillation Manufacturing Process

Having the right vodka still is important for the manufacturing process. Large vodka stills can help you create large batches of brew at one time, allowing you to use more mash at one time and ferment more alcohol at a faster rate. The first step in manufacturing vodka is the mash preparation.

This is where your raw materials, vegetables or grains are mashed by agitators that break them down and the ground malt meal is added to promote the conversion of starches to sugars. To prevent bacteria from growing, you have to sterilize the mash by heating it to the boiling point. Then lactic acid bacteria is added to the mixture to raise the acidity level, making it perfect for the fermentation process.

Once you begin the fermentation process, the mash is separated and poured into large stainless steel vats where yeast is added and the vats are closed shut so the enzyme in the yeast can sit undisturbed to convert the sugars to ethyl alcohol. They ethyl alcohol produced is later pumped into the stills and continuously cycled up and down while heated with steam to remove impurities.

Lastly, adding water makes the spirit drinkable by decreasing the alcohol percentage. You can add your flavorings here as well for finished customized vodka that’s ready to be bottled.

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